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Whether you need information on a specific product, or would like to browse our entire catalog of products, we have what you are looking for. Browse our collection below.

Condensed Catalog

Condensed Catalog

Looking for some additional product information? The Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division Condensed Catalog is full of everything you need to know from standard alloys we offer to our packaging and labeling information. Click the link below to download your copy.

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NOW AVAILABLE: All of the important technical information in our condensed catalog, converted to the metric system! Click on the link below to download the metric edition of our MedTech Condensed Catalog

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Looking for a quick reference guide on one of our products? Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division product brochures provide you with everything you need to know about individual products. Browse our collection below and download the relevant brochure using the links. Contact us today if you don't see what you're looking for.

Orthodontics Brochure

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Intro to Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division

Our Medical Technologies Division delivers high quality stainless steel and specialty alloy wire, strand, and cable to the medical industry. Watch the video below to learn more:

White Papers

Advantage of Stainless Steel versus Silver-Clad Copper Wire for use as Medical Extrusion Core Wire