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Medical wire alloys
The materials used in medical equipment are critical to the performance of the product. The wire's effectiveness in surgical, therapeutic, and other applications depends upon the physical and chemical characteristics of the alloy employed. Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division draws medical grade wire in stainless steel and high nickel alloys, with additional alloys available upon request. We work with our customers to determine the best material and the precise requirements to meet their performance specifications. All available wire alloys can be used in the production of cables and cable assemblies as well. Trust Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division, because what you spec is what you get.

Available Alloys

SS 302 SS 304V
SS 304 SS 316L
SS 316 SS 321
316LVM SS 420
SS 347 Incoloy®
Inconel® MP35N®

**Custom alloys are available upon request. Please contact us today to learn more.