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What is Core Wire?

core wireCore wire is a single end wire that is used as a mandrel, or place holder, during the medical tubing extrusion process. Once the tubing polymer has been extruded, the core wire (often a Silver Clad Copper or Tin Clad Copper wire) is then elongated to decrease the wire's diameter. The final step of the process is sliding the wire out of its "sheathing," and leaving a round tube for medicine delivery, guide wire/device insertion, or other technical applications.

Why choose stainless steel ELASTICORE® wire over Silver Clad or bare Copper materials?


Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division has developed the better option. Our annealed stainless steel wire carries nearly identical physical properties to a Silver Clad or Tin Clad Copper wire. Elongations well exceed the 30% necessary in most extruded tubing applications, while our surface finish allows for adequate friction during the extrusion process. As solid material, we’ve eliminated the potential for flaking and contaminating equipment or finished product, while greatly decreasing the production time to make custom sizes. Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division ELASTICORE® medical extrusion wire adds value to your medical tubing by:

  • Reducing lead time
  • Reducing cost
  • Eliminating potential contamination

Learn more about the advantage of using ELASTICORE® medical extrusion wire versus Silver-clad copper as an extrusion mandrel in our latest Medical Technologies Division White Paper. 

Contact us today about switching your extruded medical tubing manufacturing from Silver Clad or Bare Copper to Loos and Company's ELASTICORE® medical extrusion wire. Download our one page ELASTICORE® brochure below.

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