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Our cable products are supported by our experience in miniature cable manufacturing and production. The products we manufacture are specifically designed for applications that requiring the highest levels of performance. Engineered to exceed the specifications of most applications, our medical grade cables provide the precision and performance required in today's highly specialized surgical products. With Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division cable products, you can trust that what you spec is what you get.

Medical cables are available from stock in sizes ranging from .006" to .047" diameter and can be constructed from as few as two wires to as many as 133 wires, creating the added strength and flexibility you need. Standard constructions include:

1x3 strand

1x7 strand

Available Constructions

2 wire twist  3x3 cable
3 wire twist 3x7 cable
4 wire twist 3x3x3 cable
1x7 strand 7x7 cable
1x19 strand 7x19 cable

7x19 cable

7x7 cable

Below are some common applications of our medical strand. Learn more about our medical strand and cable applications and the available alloys our cable products are sold in.