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Medical Wire - Spools are a pretty big (and small) Deal!

Stainless steel medical wire is a marvel of modern manufacturing -- diameters smaller than a human hair (1/4 of the size in some instances!) used in catheters and guide wires that save lives every day. It takes a skilled operator and the latest in technological innovation to make this material to the exacting standards of today's peripheral vascular intervention device manufacturers.

And all of this advancement and capability is lost if it isn't shipped to the customer in the package and condition that they require. In other words, the spools used are often an afterthought but they can be critical to the product and the manufacturing process.

For example: if a customer is creating catheters with a braided flat or round wire structure inside the tubing, they'll need material on a bobbin that fits into the machine they're using. Some example include Steeger, Wardwell, and New England Bobbins. If the application calls for coiling wire around a mandrel, the package will need to be a larger spool, that can hold multiple pounds and handle the added tension that small wires will place on the drum and flange. If the wrong spool is chosen in either of these applications, the wire could simply not fit on the intended machine, or even worse, could break during manufacturing -- causing a blow out or worse!  

When ordering your stainless steel medical wire, it's important advise what type of spool you would like the product shipped on. You can see a variety of packaging options on our website, or you could simply call the Loos & Company Medical Technologies Division and discuss it with our sales department.

If you have any questions, or are looking for medical wire or strand, do not hesitate to contact us today!