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Rapid Round Wire

Stock round 304V medical wire ready for shipment. Standard sizes in stock include increments of .0005” from .001” - .003”, on Steeger bobbins, boxed, and ready for Shipment. Loos delivers Medical Wire and Cable faster than anyone else in the Industry.

Speed wins. It’s that simple.

When you can’t wait for the standard delivery, turn to the Loos & Company Medical Technologies Division for quick shipments of medical wire and cable today. If speed to market sets your company apart from the rest, then faster development times lead to higher revenues. Don’t wait for success to come to you. Make it Happen!

Place your order online today, we’ll ship within 2 business days*.

Fast In. Fast Out. Complete and submit the form below for the material you need. Once received, we’ll contact you with a confirmation and get your shipment out within 2 business days. No more waiting for out of stock products or re-winding onto bobbins.

Braiding Wire - Round Wire
Size Tensile Range Length per Bobbin  
Part # IN MM KSI Mpa FT M Bobbins - Price
0010SVRB3B50001 0.001 0.0254 325-355 2241-2478 5000 1525
0015SVRB3B50001 0.0015 0.0381 325-355 2241-2478 5000 1525
0020SVRB3B50001 0.002 0.0508 325-355 2241-2478 5000 1525
0025SVRB3B50001 0.0025 0.0635 325-355 2241-2478 5000 1525
0030SVRB3B50001 0.003 0.0762 325-355 2241-2478 5000 1525
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*On all orders received before 12:00 noon Eastern. Stock Levels Vary. Confirmation of ship date will be provided within 2 hours of order receipt.