Leadership Team

Loos and Company Headquarters

Meet Our Leadership Team

Tom Dodds, President, Rope and Assemblies Division 

Tom has been with the CWI Group for over 20 years. Starting with a Commercial background, he also has experience in senior management roles on the Operations side. Along the way, as Central Wire grew from 2 locations into the CWI Group we know today, he has been responsible for developing and managing relationships with key accounts as well as development and management of  Commercial Team members, assisting in supplier relationships and working with Central Wire facilities Managers to help them better understand the financial results and performance of their operations ( including ways to improve Commercial Sales and reduce Operational Costs).

Tom is very excited and privileged to join the team of 4 companies, now known as the Rope & Assemblies Division ( Loos & Co, Strand Core, Sanlo and Loos Cableware).

Alan Jaaskela

Russell Cox, Controller

Russ has over 35 years in the accounting field with the last 31 at Loos & Co. Inc. As Controller, he has oversight of Cash Management, A/R, Credit & Collections, A/P, Payroll, and product costing. He has direct responsibility for corporate financial statements, consolidated corporate statements, budgets, and yearly outside audit and tax filing preparation. Current member of the benefits advisory team and the retirement advisory committee.

Russ earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting from S.C.S.U. and attended graduate school at U.R.I.

Curtis Schopfer

Curtis J. Schopfer, Engineering Manager 

Curtis has over 30 years of engineering experience in all aspects of wire rope manufacturing, wire fabrication, end connections (assembly work), lubrication, installation, operation, forensic analysis, and process design. He has served as the Chairman of the Wire Rope Technical Board and the Aircraft Cable Control Group. Throughout his 18 years at Loos, Curt has focused on cables for critical applications such as those used in Aircraft and Aerospace, Rescue Hoist, Exercise Equipment, Theatrical, and Medical Equipment and Device applications.

Curtis received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark College of Engineering. He is also currently a member of the Wire Association International and American Society for Testing Materials.

Robert Davis

Joseph P. Stagon, Corporate Director of Purchasing

Joe is a long time veteran of the wire industry. Over the past 35 years in the industry he has served as the Quality Manager for Whiting Screw Machine Products, the Manufacturing Manager of ball bearings with headers and wire drawing equipment for Lydall Corporation, and the Manufacturing Manager for Spirol International for their acme screw machines and star CNC equipment. As Corporate Director of Purchasing at Loos, Joe oversees day to day operations for all materials, services, and strategic resources used in our facility. This includes everything from managing raw materials, equipment acquisition, sub-components, and coordination of resource between locations.

Joe graduated from Wilcox Technical Institute with a degree in Engineering Design and Commercial/Residential Construction.