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Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division

About Us

The Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division produces wire and cable solutions to support medical device manufacturers. We provide the best value in medical wire and cable products through high quality and prompt delivery with competitive pricing.

Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division is a stand alone production unit within our Pomfret, CT facility, dedicated to producing wire, assemblies, and stranded products using the highest quality medical grade materials. The Medical Technologies Division has specialized equipment, including multiple-die, high polish wire drawing units, and small diameter cable stranders. Extra cleaning equipment is available to provide enhanced surface cleanliness.

Our commitment to supplying customers with precision products made to the highest quality standards is evident in our commitment to maintaining a world class production facility. When you place an order with Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division, you can be sure that what you spec is what you get!

Loos & Co., Inc. History

Not all of the manufacturers in the quiet corner of Connecticut were founded during the industrial revolution. Long after many of the state's mills found themselves dormant, A.W. “Gus” Loos and his wife Joan took the first step to returning manufacturing to the region.

Founded in 1958, Loos and Company has evolved from a three-car garage business, originally situated behind the home of Gus and Joan, to a state of the art 220,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Pomfret, CT.

Loos began his ascent as a manufacturer’s representative for hardware concerns. His primary business model involved importing wire rope and cable from manufacturers in Germany and Japan. With high demands for his products, Gus quickly found himself stocking cable, tools, and fittings, as well as re-reeling and re-packaging cable.

Only four years after incorporation, Loos and Company began to manufacture mechanical cable assemblies. Following great success with his product lines, in 1964, Mr. Loos added extrusion facilities capable of producing plastic-coated cables and chains. Gus did not stop there, as in 1971, with the acquisition of its own stranding and closing machines, Loos was now able to manufacture his own cable and wire rope.

Today, Loos and Company has facilities capable of drawing wire, stranding cable, extruding plastics, designing and manufacturing of hardware and tools for mechanical cable, building cable assemblies, as well as testing and packaging them all.

For over 50 years, Loos and Company has pioneered and thrived in the highly critical profession of cable and wire rope manufacturing for use in aerospace flight controls, medical devices, elevators, rigging and scaffolding - where human lives are directly at stake. This valuable experience has taught us "the ropes" about what a difference wire makes. We can help make the difference for you too.

Today, Loos and Company manufactures a wide variety of wire, aircraft cable, and wire rope. These products are used in medical, aerospace, military, and commercial applications.

Loos and Company Original Building

A.W. Gus Loos

Loos and Company Old Headquarters